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Shoshone wetlands Shoshone Village, California.

A Brief History

A brief history.In a shady grove of mesquite known as Metbury spring, the town of Shoshone was founded in 1910 by Ralph Jacobus “Dad” Fairbanks, a Death Valley prospector, freighter and entrepreneur interested in establishing businesses along the station stop of the Tonopah & Tidewater Railroad. Charles “Charlie” Brown, one-time sheriff of Greenwater married Stella Fairbanks in 1910 and became Dad Fairbanks’ son-in-law. In 1920 Charlie and Stella, after moving around quite a bit, returned to Shoshone and bought into a partnership with Dad on the town. The little town developed and expanded. Dad saw potential in Baker and moved on in 1927. Charlie became a California state senator and in 1938, town management was turned over to Charlie’s son, Charles. Through the years and following successions, the little town remains in family hands.



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- Our common area is ADA compliant and Shoshone Inn has one ADA compliant bungalow. The staff is dedicated to
addressing the special needs of all our guests to ensure that they have an enjoyable and relaxing visit!

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