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Len WarrenHi I’m Len Warren. For over 13 seasons I was a nest searcher here in Shoshone and the Amargosa Canyon for the PRBO (Point Blue Conservation Sciences) Amargosa Canyon Songbird Project. I now devote my time working for The Nature Conservancy to protect the entire Amargosa River habitat (and habitats in Nevada as well!). My partner Molly is helping to promote birding and eco-tourism in Shoshone Wetlands and the surrounding areas. We invite you to come birding here!

The Great Migration Mystery

Shoshone BirdingSHOSHONE, Calif. – It’s the mistletoe that grows on the mequite trees here that attracts flocks of little birds called Phainopepla each September. The birds feed on the mistletoe, mate, feast until May – and then they fly away until next year. But where do the crested birds, which grow to as much as 8 inches tall go when they leave?

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Birding Checklist

Our checklist includes birds from the following areas:

  • Shoshone Village
  • Shoshone / Amargosa Wetlands
  • Grimshaw Lake & Tecopa Wetlands
  • Amargosa Canyon
  • China Ranch

Bird Checklist

Bird Checklist

Compiled for Shoshone Village by Len Warren

This checklist is a work in progress. Additions & reports are welcome.

Area 1: Shoshone Village including Pupfish Ponds
Area 2: Shoshone Wetlands (blue or red trail)
Area 3: Tecopa Wetlands including Grimshaw Lake
Area 4: Amargosa Canyon
Area 5: China Ranch
* breeds locally

Upland Game Birds
Remizidae (Penduline Tit)
Chickadees & Titmice
Starlings & Mynas
Silky Flycatchers
Open Field Birds
Passeridae (introduced)





Great Roadrunner
Great Horned Owl



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